Jun 10, 2006

Free Site Submission

Today I've being searching for a long time for get showing my site to others some how. I ran into some interesting blogs, but all I noticed that my desire is not just enough to be listed in such blogs.

What you need to be accepted in reciprocal advertising with other blogs:
1- It's better if you have some page rank
2- It's better if you already have some links on other blogs

Yes I understand that is right ....but if you are full of energy, excitement and other visitors are the best stimulus to continue?

I decided to not give up, yes I perceive that my page is not so reach with exciting material, but first steps are not always confident, aren't they?

If my aim is having different discussions about statements in our life, knowing the real thoughts and feelings about famous sayings to make this site lively talk, I need to invite others to my site throw some advertising.

My first steps are submitting throw the free search engines and directories.
Below is my list of sites I was in:

1. https://www.ineedhits.com/free-tools/submit-free.aspx
This site offers Free URL submission to 20 popular search engines.

You need to add you URL to the form, and its really fast easy and free.

2. http://search66.com/add_url.php
Here is also a big list of Search Engines & Directories for Free!

Just fill in your site URL and e-mail

Than you will receive some confirmation letters to your e-mail, but some sites offers manualy to write in your site info. In any way I'm going to check in some days how this way works.

Best regards to all
and thanks for visiting!

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